NMediaPC 1080P HTPC Case Review

NMedia won’t exactly wow your visitors, but they do provide quality HTPC cases at a ridiculously affordable price. The matte black finish combined with a flashy black plastic front bezel really sets off this case and makes it look like a typical receiver or Blu-ray player  you might see on the shelf of any person’s home theater system. The sliding […]

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September 7th Blu-ray Releases

Lots of releases this week, most older than new with some good ones like The Black Dahlia, Mars Attacks! and I was really tempted to go with Poltergeist as my pick simply due to its classic nature in the horror genre. MissingRemote’s Pick of the Week MacGruber  ** I am fully prepared for some flames for this request, but let […]

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Mythtv for Windows


I am happy to say that I now possess two Windows based laptops that each have the Mythtv frontend software built natively on them.  The Mythtv devs have been very busy over the lasts couple of weeks putting together a server to host all of the Mythtv dependencies – MinGW, MSYS, etc – so that the build script will reliably […]

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