Motorola Nyxboard Hybrid Universal Remote IR, RF, XBMC-compatible!


Now this is exciting to see. Motorola is jumping into the universal remote space with their Nyxboard and its right up our alley. This remote is dual-sided with standard controls on top and a keyboard on bottom. It utilizes IR and RF. It is also designed specifically for XBMC! Pre-orders now for $60 at PulseEight.

According to Engadget, “there are more surprises in store: a second version that can control the Apple TV 2, and a secret method which would allow the remotes to control your home entertainment center without pesky line-of-sight infrared.”


The best of both worlds

Combine the simplicity of a remote with the productivity of a keyboard. Type freely on the built in keyboard without fear of changing the channel due to it’s gyroscopic sensor.

XBMC without the hassle

The first remote in the world designed for XBMC, work’s straight out of the box; just connect the remote and all the keys will be instantly recognised.

One remote

This universal remote can control your TV thanks to the built in programmable IR.

Built in RF

Hide away your electronics and show off your style, control your media centre through cabinet doors.

Simple no fuss set up

No drivers or installation software is required! Just plug-in and go.

PulseEight via Engadget

  • Will it work with Media

    Will it work with Media Center (MC7) and if not who currently sells one with the same functionality that does, namely RF?!

  • I’m still hoping for Logitech

    I’m still hoping for Logitech to make a Harmony with a keyboard on back 😉

  • It doesn’t look like it has

    It doesn’t look like it has any kind of backlighting.  If they were to add that in v2 of it, I’d be tempted to get it.