Vulkano Flow, The First Placeshifter Under $100


Looks like Vulkano has made some changes to their product for the better. Less features, but probably easier for consumers to understand its purpose. As with all personal, hardware-based placeshifting solutions the Vulkano Flow hangs off your set-top box or between a STB and television. In my case, the Flow has primarily been used to beam FiOS TV DVR video […]

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Birth of an A/V Snob – Part II


Rethinking the DVR Continued from part 1…  While living with TiVo DVRs for a few years, I considered building a Home Theater PC (HTPC) to solve some of the issues my TiVo setup had. I had been following the development of MythTV and was impressed with what you could do with what basically amounts to off the shelf commodity hardware. While […]

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