cnet Reviews Panasonic’s GT30 PDP

Last years GT25 was a decent set, but the general consensus was that it straddled unnatural space between the G25 and VT25 with a price that wasn’t quite right given the feature set.  With a year to correct that, maybe 2011 is the GT30’s time to shine. Panasonic has consistently been among our favorite televisions over the last few years, […]

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CyberLink PowerDVD 11


Spring is here, so as usual it is time for CyberLink to release an updated version of PowerDVD (PDVD) making this number 11.  With PDVD 10 already a solid product we were not expecting a revolutionary shift in the Blu-ray (BD) playback software, so the rather evolutionary changes brought to the updated application including better 3D support, a richer media […]

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