Just Launched Zediva Now Saddled with Lawsuit


A couple of weeks ago, we had just found out about the new video rental and streaming upstart, Zediva. If you didn’t catch that article, Zediva’s scheme for side-skirting Hollywood is to rent viewers a physical DVD and DVD player and then stream the output direct to consumers. Today, we learn that the MPAA is none too satisfied with Zediva’s […]

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Windows Based Kinect Controls

United Kingdom based company has developed software for the Kinect to interact with the PC. They have developed add ins for Media Center that give you the same Kinect feel inside of Media Center. They have two different versions that come in Home and Business. Home is for everyday apps and business adds in office to the mix. The question […]

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Panasonic TC-P50ST30 3D-Capable Plasma TV Reviewed

Panasonic ST30

HD Guru got their hands on a Panasonic ST30 plasma and have already put up a review on it. The ST30 seems to offer a compelling value for the more budget-minded 3D-capable display shopper. It appears the display can be calibrated to be fairly accurate and produces a pretty low minimum luminance of .008 ftL (foot-Lamberts). One feature you won’t […]

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