Windows Based Kinect Controls

United Kingdom based company has developed software for the Kinect to interact with the PC. They have developed add ins for Media Center that give you the same Kinect feel inside of Media Center. They have two different versions that come in Home and Business. Home is for everyday apps and business adds in office to the mix. The question now is do you get another Kinect or do you share with your jealous Xbox360? Pricing starts at about 30.88 for the Home Version. It is called “Win & I”. Kinect Not Included!

WIN&I: Yes, Win and you. You are the controller. You are in charge. Control Windows 7 and your favorite apps with simple gestures.


  • Concept is extremely cool,

    Concept is extremely cool, but it’s got a ways to go.

    • Great idea. However, the guys

      Great idea. However, the guys in the demo seem to have difficulty to control the mouse cursor…

  • I just want Kinect to work
    I just want Kinect to work with Media Center Extender on the Xbox360 then I would would be happy.