Road Map to a Tech Household

My given name is Kyle Button, but for years I’ve been known as TechButton to my peers in the technology world.  I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my family and how I’ve integrated technology into every aspect of our home life.  My oldest son is 3 years old and already shows an affinity for all things […]

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Nixeus Fusion XS Preview

Our friends at Anandtech recently posted a preview of the Nixeus Fusion XL. I’m not usually one to get too excited about a launch preview put together with an engineering sample, but this time was a bit different. The Nixeus Fusion XL is the first product to bring together two of the more interesting stories to come out of this […]

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Samsung BD-D8500 Review

Samsung BD-D8500

The new Samsung BD-D8500 brings a whole slew of features to a seemingly benign Blu-ray player…or is it a PVR with 3D Blu-ray capability? A staggering number of new features include Freeview HD recording, built-in Wi-Fi, 3D playback and easy-to-use networking tools. Samsung continues to bring more HTPC-like features to its products thus relieving you of any need for other equipment. […]

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