Beginner’s Guide to Building a Home Theater PC


We have covered a number of Beginner’s Guides in our effort to help out newcomers to the world of home theater computers. Topics covered include the basics, video resolutions, codecs and how they affect you, media players, frame rates and more. So hopefully you have read and enjoyed those as now the fun part begins–building an HTPC! There are a […]

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Samsung BD-D8500 Review

Samsung BD-D8500

The new Samsung BD-D8500 brings a whole slew of features to a seemingly benign Blu-ray player…or is it a PVR with 3D Blu-ray capability? A staggering number of new features include Freeview HD recording, built-in Wi-Fi, 3D playback and easy-to-use networking tools. Samsung continues to bring more HTPC-like features to its products thus relieving you of any need for other equipment. […]

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XBMC Bug-fix Release: 10.1 (Dharma)

An update for the current stable release (10.0 Dharma) has been released. It is recommended that users update to 10.1 as it fixes a number of bugs and improves stability. The main focus of this release is to address a bug that could cause XBMC to freeze when updating a skin. We have held back skin updates from the main […]

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