Ethernet IR controller, to control Home Theater over the internet

Do you want to lock all of your home theater devices in a closet and control them from a mobile device and over the Internet? Called Ether-IR, these devices will work with open source software, connect to Ethernet and transmit an infrared (IR) signal. They can be placed anywhere you have an Ethernet run. Ether-IR works from a computer, tablet, mobile device or even other ethernet connected devices. Full schematics and source files are linked below.

MerMar Design’s first completed project, the Ether IR, is an Ethernet enabled universal remote for controlling televisions, cable boxes, DVD players, etc. This allows placement of the board with audio / video equipment out of sight, such as in a closet behind closed doors where typical infrared remotes can not reach (assuming you also have a router in the closet or can run an Ethernet cable to the closet).

Control is provided to this equipment through any device with a connection to the local network through a small web page that provides a typical remote control interface. The interface page is designed to display properly on common cell phone screen resolutions, meaning that when used in combination with a WiFi network, WiFi enabled cell phones or MP3 players can be conveniently used as a remote control.

MerMar Designs

  • Intriguing. I certainly like

    Intriguing. I certainly like the basic concept.  Based on the user guide posted on the site it does not appear that there are a lot of customization options on the UI side.  Combine hardware like this with the ability to create custom remote mappings on the interface page and you would have the perfect device for any custom installer.

  • This would be a great project

    This would be a great project to use a user contributed database with ir codes(similar to MyMovies).

  • I’m interested in see the

    I’m interested in see the code for this device.  I have done some work with the MicroChip family of MCUs.

  • If he made a 2nd type unit

    If he made a 2nd type unit that would receive IR signals and dump them out via IP this would be the ultimate setup for me.