Orb TV – What once was a service, Now is a Product

Those of you around the HTPC world long enough will remember when Orb stormed onto the scene with the ability to stream your content from your HTPC across the internet–think SlingBox, and it even had some DVR capabilities. Well it looks like they have developed a Media Player-type product in the Orb TV that connects to your TV and uses your phone to play it back. It’s a bit different than the Veebeam Wireless Device we reviewed recently, but it’s different than most of the Media Players from our Guide in since it’s designed to use your smartphone as a remote instead of actually including a remote. I like the idea, but for $99 I can buy a Roku which can do all this, and includes a remote.

The Orb Mini Controller will allow you to control your media just like a regular media player. When you first turn it on you’re greeted with categories for Audio, Video, Photo and an option for Switch User.  Selecting one of these will open up more selections depending on which choice you made. You can select music by Artists, Albums, Genres, Composers, Songs or Folders. If you go to your video library you’ll se what you have there to play of course, I have 300 and Witchblade in my iTunes. Through the Orb TV you can watch your own videos, listen to your music and even view your photos quickly and easily right on the big screen.


  • I agree. I would take my Roku
    I agree. I would take my Roku over all of this any day. I think they still have some work to do.