Updated Intel 6 Series (aka Sandy Bridge) Chipset Boards Product Codes

Intel 6 Series B3 Product Codes

Are you getting ready to buy an Intel 6 Series (aka Sandy Bridge) based HTPC?  If you are looking at any of Intel’s motherboards two things you need to do: 1- See our reviews on the DH67GD, DH67CF, and DH67BL by Andrew Van Til 2- Make sure to check the product code carefully before ordering to ensure you don’t get any of the recalled motherboards.

Intel has issued new MM numbers and product codes for all boards with the Intel® 6 Series Express Chipsets based on B3 stepping. The new product codes have appended “B3” suffix onto current product code.

The following table will help you identify the branded Intel® Desktop Boards that may be impacted and shows the new product codes that use the B3 stepping.

Identify B3 chipset version of Intel Desktop Boards

Below are the updated product codes for the boards we’ve reviewed.  See the link above for the full table.

Intel® Desktop Board New Product Code New Board AA#
DH67GD BOXDH67GDB3 G10206-204
DH67BL BOXDH67BLB3 G10189-204
DH67CF BOXDH67CFB3 G10215-202

  • btw, As you can see from

    btw, As you can see from the 24-Feb-2011 date created listed in the Intel support page this isn’t “new” news but a couple readers have asked if a new SKU would be used.  Until Intel pointed me in the right direction I couldn’t find the answer.