Review: Kwikset’s new iPhone-compatible ‘Kevo’ keyless deadbolt lock

Home automation is getting more and more affordable, as well as flexible. Where a lot of systems tie you into using their infrastructure, we’re seeing a lot of wifi enabled devices which make setup and installation a snap. The Kevo uses Bluetooth LE in an effort to balance the ease of use with security, and seems to do a good job–at $219.

The home automation sector’s move to the mainstream has introduced consumers to innovative new products from startups and industry stalwarts alike, one being the Kevo lock from Kwikset, a Bluetooth-enabled, touch-activated smart lock that lets owners use their iPhone as a door key. 

Apple Insider

  • This is a great concept,

    This is a great concept, however due to the review I found here:

    I cannot in good faith buy one of these until the main function of this deadbolt, i.e. actually locking out people without a key, until the actual bolting function is better designed.

    • While I agree that this

      While I agree that this deadbolt could be designed better, this seems a bit overblown.

      Locks only create inconvenience. Why bother picking the lock in a discoverable way when 10 seconds w/ a crowbar nets the same result in less time? Ultimately unless you have a steel door with a steel frame and a brace thinking about the deadbolt as anything that gets you more than a few minutes of inconvenience is incorrect.