Hulu Desktop Fine Print – Non-Computers Not Welcome

Brent’s got some great information on the terms of service for the recently released Hulu Desktop application and what it might infer for the future. Apparantly as long as it’s for Personal Computers, you’re fine, but unfortunately that doesn’t leave much hope for extender users.


So I’ll take that to mean we won’t see Hulu officially supported by
Extenders (SageTV or MediaCenter), AppleTV, or any other CE device. 
This doesn’t mean user-developers won’t create add-ons or plugins for
those types of devices, but I don’t see a company sticking their neck
out to create support without an express agreement with Hulu. 
Microsoft for instance might at some point make an agreement with Hulu
to offer something on the XBox360’s and pay Hulu a license fee –
something that seems unlikely but certainly possible.