Do you need more than Windows 7 Home Premium?

As we get closer to Windows7, I’ve already seen debates begin on forums regarding the (many) multiple versions that will be released, and which one is right for their situation. While everyone will have different needs, Ed Bott has compiled a nice chart to help make your life a bit easier. Ed Bott For the comparison here, I decided to […]

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ASUS unleashes USB 2.0 Blu-ray drive


While I would have ZERO usage for this, as I don’t have any problem sticking a blu-ray drive inside a system, it’s hard to argue that it is aesthetically pleasing. Maybe tie one of these with your Windows Home Server in the future??? Hrmmm??? 🙂   Engadget SBC-04B1S-U allows you to charge its power from USB ports on your computer. […]

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High court won’t block remote storage DVR system

Finally, the legal system is taking a ridiculous lawsuit from Hollywood and throwing it away. Ironically, this favors the other monopoly that is the cable companies. Still, this is a nice win for consumers and the cable companies alike and should pave the way for some interesting technologies in the upcoming years. Yahoo! Cable TV operators won a key legal […]

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