X-Fi HomeTheater HD Release Dates


Is it just me, or wasn’t this card announced back in CES of LAST YEAR? I won’t hold it against Auzentech as long as this comes out and lives up to expectations. Only time will tell, but let’s just hope it doesn’t slip again. I think the ASUS Xonar HDAV is a great card, but a little competition can only help make it better.



Reviewer shipments of the X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD will begin the second week of July. According to Auzentech the sound card will also go into full production at that time, enabling customer shipments to begin at the end of July. "We are excited to officially announce shipment dates of the X-Fi™ HomeTheater HD sound card," said Stephane Bae, president of Auzentech, Inc. "We appreciate the patience of all our customers, distributors, and dealers who have waited anxiously for this sound card."