Antec ISK-300 Mini-ITX Case (yes, another one)


I know it was just the other day we posted a link to another review of this chassis, but I think SPCR’s perspective on detailed noise is unique enough that it’s worth another look. Enjoy!


Antec’s first mini-ITX case is a solid if not flawless entry into a sector that is new to the brand. The overall airflow design in the case is sensible, simple and effective. It is better than any other case of similar size we know of. The build quality is good, with sturdy, heavy weight steel used everywhere except on the plastic front facia. The accessories include a nice one-piece vertical stand more stable than the common two-piece jobs. Styling is subdued and not quite as polished as Antec’s best conventional case offerings, especially the optical drive cover, but it all works fine.