MSWHS Reviews the HP MediaSmart LX195


Ah, the HP MediaSmart LX195…a confusing beast in that it falls under the home server family, as it only has a single hard drive. Sure you can expand via USB, but at that point you probably would have preferred going with the bigger MediaSmarts. Indeed, this product is most likely for those with moderate storage needs, who would enjoy the benefits of the HP WHS software included in all the MediaSmarts. Don’t forget HP is having a killer deal on this unit over at

The HP MediaSmart Server LX 195 is a very nice machine with lots of extras in the form of software add-ins which really make the machine a joy to use, especially the media collection tool. However, my big reservation about the unit is the lack of capability of adding just one further hard disc to the set up internally. My personal feel about all Windows Home Server machines is that they should have at least 2 separate physical drives, so that you automatically get the security of data duplication across the discs.