Does Microsoft Allow Employees to Talk to Each Other?

Some very fair and very astute observations as to the many heads which Microsoft manages, and unfortunately the instances where they step over each other for the disservice of the end user. It makes staying loyal to Microsoft difficult when everything doesn’t play together nicely–ahem….I love my Zune, yet absolutely zero MCE integration to make life easier.

The Digital Media Zone

It seems to me as though Microsoft keeps each development team in a bubble. Hidden from the other teams. As an example (and this comes from Derek Flickinger on Episode 36 of Entertainment 2.0) MS has a playlist format which is used in WMP and MCE: .wpl. Then along comes the Zune team which creates their own format: .zpl. Oh, and it’s not compatible with WMP or MCE therefore you have to have two playlists if you want to use them at home and on your portable device. This is, again, just an example. Back to topic.