Boxee update. More bug squashing (

Those boys at Boxee continue their work. Nothing spectacular in this release, just a slow and steady improvement towards a stable product. Remember, Boxee is free for every platform, so if you haven’t yet you should check it out.


    * Under some circumstances, digital audio of a video does not work
    * Sound distortion for DTS 2.0
    * OS X: Digital output (”check your settings” error message)
    * Unable to launch Boxee with remote
    * Crash when selecting Settings menu
    * Black screen instead of video playback
    * Dual screen – secondary screen showing white, then crash
    * Windows: Win32 window resize when switching between full screen and windowed mode
    * User/password of an SMB share was sometimes shown in path (media action and info screens)
    * OS X 10.4 (e.g. Apple TV): grainy video problems
    * OS X 10.4: crash if setting render method to software
    * Support for ATI graphic cards
    * Media Library – resolving fails with the error PCRE: Match limit reached
    * Updated Spanish translation
    * OS X: boxeeservice is now silent and does not print out to terminal on focus change
    * Incomplete HTTP transfers causing crashes

Read the full bug fix list here .