LG unveils new slim design LCD HDTVs due this fall


Is it just me or has there been a LOT of TV announcements in the past few weeks?! Good news for us as the technologies continue to evolve and improve…and in this case, get thinner! Because nobody likes a fat TV.



The new SL80 and SL90 models don’t bring new high water marks on the spec sheets, but feature LG’s take on the "borderless" design trend that’s the rage these days, built from a single edge to edge piece of glass with a slim bezel and Invisible Speaker design. The top of the line SL90 is due later this year for an unspecified price range in 42- and 47-inch sizes with LED backlighting contributing to its 3,000,000:1 claimed contrast ratio and 1.15 inch depth, plus 120Hz TruMotion processing.