Engadget HD Podcast 148 – 07.29.2009

I’m not sure how I missed out on the podcast last week, but it’s a good thing you can always catch up! The folks at EngadgetHD have a show for you to listen to, and of course Windows7 is front and center!

00:00:50 – Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 147 – 07.22.2009
00:04:00 – Windows 7 Media Center review
00:27:50 – How-to: Build an HD Media Center for under $1000
00:31:28 – Xbox 360’s new Netflix Movie Parties disabled for Starz Play titles?
00:36:40 – Samsung UN46B7000 LED backlit LCD review
00:45:00 – Panasonic’s TC-P54V10 plasma crowned king, so sayeth the HD Guru
00:52:52 – Blu-ray reportedly trailing CBHD in China, the second theater of the format war begins
00:54:36 – Poll: Is Final Cut Pro an indication of more Blu-ray support coming from Apple?
00:58:20 – Sony’s Blu-ray MegaChanger hits the streets next month with new ES standalone
01:04:00 – Michael Bay plans The Dark Knight-style IMAX sequences for Transformers 2 Blu-ray
01:08:10 – Audioholics overviews entry level receiver choices

Listen to the show here .