The Windows Anytime Upgrade Experience for Windows 7


One of the cool features of Windows 7 is their low risk anytime upgrade experience–which allows you to buy a low end version of Windows 7 and then if you decide you needed some features which were in a higher version, you can easily pay the fee and upgrade to that without having to fully reinstall. My buddy Brandon from Windows 7 Blog has you covered on a step by step of the entire experience, so check it out if you’re curious.


Windows 7 Team Blog

NOTE: Step 2 and 3 do not happen for people who choose to purchase a WUA product key online. The process of buying a WUA product key automates these 2 steps and takes you directly to Step 4 after the purchase. After making a WUA purchase online, you are given the ability to print out a receipt and are also sent a copy via email.