Sonos coming to a television near you


With a caveat though, this discussion will definitely NOT be Sonos stepping into the video streaming, so if that’s what you were thinking (like me). But how cool would that be?!?! Oh well, in the meantime it’s good to see Sonos continuing to evolve their product and brand. Hopefully they maintain the same methods which brought them success in the […]

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Sonic upgrading CinemaNow movie streaming to 1080p

Have to love all these companies continuously trying to one-up each other. I especially liked the mention of inclusion of 3D movie support coming soon…I wonder if they’ll mail you the groovy glasses to go along with them! Engadget Sonic claims to have a leg up since the system is already used for Blu-ray disc production, and it’s teaming with […]

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Connected Home/DLNA Best Practices

Some great, tried & true methods to go by for your home network setup here, ranging from your basic networking tips to even how to best configure for uPnP servers or of course, Windows Home Servers. For those unaware, Twonky Media is an app designed to make streaming whatever content you have on your server readily available to all your […]

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Kodak Theatre HD Player with motion-sensitive remote


No screenshots of what the user interface looks like here, but at a price point of $199 it better be darned snazzy. Also oddly omitted is the filetypes of video that are supported as well. Hopefully it will be thorough given the numerous card formats it supports for direct playback…but let’s wait and see.   SlashGear It includes what Kodak […]

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ASUS My Cinema EHD3-100 (yes another one)


Think Computers had just reviewed this and ignored most popular HTPC softwares…so I was really hoping Pure Overclock did a better job of that. On the one hand, they do thoroughly cover the "TV Enhance" software which ASUS provides, but just like Think Computers they completely ignore Media Center, SageTV or any HTPC-software which you know will be used. Pure […]

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Pioneer sells another batch of Laserdisc players, in Japan


This was just too odd NOT to post. I’m not sure for how long they’ve been manufacturing laser disc players–remember, those gigantic record size movies that sometimes were several discs for a single movie–but apparantly they still have stock and are trying to sell through. The funniest piece…they’re selling them for $1000 and $400 (yes, they have TWO models)! Good […]

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LG Bringing VUDU to their HDTVs


Wasn’t it just last week that Vudu had announced it was giving away its boxes with the purchase of mitsubishi TV’s? Well, I suppose we all knew it was a matter of time before they struck a deal with actually integrating their boxes into TV’s. Although personally, I’m a fan of having separate electronics.     NEW YORK, July 29, 2009 […]

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