Time for Apple TV to go from Hobby to Strategic Product


I’m not sure whether opinions like this will hold any merit in the long run, but if you’re an appleTV fan you have to be worried…that is, unless you are an AppleTV owner using Boxee, in which case you aren’t really concerned. That being said, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be willing to pay for a higher powered AppleTV if only so Boxee could handle higher resolutions on it 🙂


Despite the lack of recent updates to Apple TV, the integration of content and the TV screen is too important for Apple to ignore. I believe Apple is serious about the TV and we’ll see more from Apple TV in the future (although I don’t think Apple will get into the TV screen market as some have suggested). The ability to flow content to all the screens that are important to consumers is strategically important to every vendor in the personal technology space. It’s time for Apple TV to go from “hobby” to strategic product.