Neuros planning for the OSD3, 1080p with a Browser


Neuros has been around for a while in the media extender world, and have done a good job of allowing the community to really let the product evolve as necessary. Looks like they’re continuing with that trend and are looking for feedback from everyone. Sad news is this will not be another $99 box, but not sure just how high […]

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Verismo’s VuNow set-top-box finally gets movie streaming


The fun part about these extender battles is seeing how newcomers all try to one-up each other in price and features. Which in the end, benefits you the consumer…assuming the technologies survive and don’t break, of course.       Engadget Priced at $99, this internet-to-TV media streamer makes it simple for simpletons to get web content onto their HDTV, […]

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Inside Sony’s Blu-ray factory


I’ve never seen exactly how blu-rays are made, so this was very interesting indeed. Very cool to see the process from start to finish, since it starts as little pieces and eventually becomes the entire packaging you buy at the store. Rounds to flats … each Blu-ray disc begins its life as a collection of small polycarbonate granules delivered […]

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Hauppauge, MaxLinear to produce TV tuners for netbooks

Well, if you’ve had the desire to convert that netbook into an HTPC, you’re in luck now! Hauppauge is working on a tuner that would be specifically designed for this usage…because everyone loves watching TV on a 10" screen using a very underpowered system. Have to wonder how much multi-tasking will be possible… Liliputing Semiconductor company MaxLinear is teaming up […]

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Sonos CR200 review


There was quite a lot of press when this fancy new Sonos remote was announced, so it’s good to see not very long pass before the actual unit is released into the wild. The guys at Engadget got their hands on one for review and put it up to the test–it’s a nice remote, but current Sonos users can probably […]

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Epix lands first carriage deal

If you’re like me and have no idea what Epix is, apparantly it’s a premium TV service that offers who knows what content. Apparantly it has enough content to make it appealing to Verizon’s FiOS which continues making its services the most attractive out there–if you can get it. Hollywood Reporter The Wall Street Journal had reported early Tuesday that […]

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