Verismo’s VuNow set-top-box finally gets movie streaming


The fun part about these extender battles is seeing how newcomers all try to one-up each other in price and features. Which in the end, benefits you the consumer…assuming the technologies survive and don’t break, of course.





Priced at $99, this internet-to-TV media streamer makes it simple for simpletons to get web content onto their HDTV, and after snagging YouTube support last December, the box has finally nailed down a partnership that will bring bona fide films into households. Sonic Solutions, which has certainly been on a tear of late pushing its CinemaNow platform, has agreed to let VuNow users purchase CinemaNow programming, which includes material from over 250 content providers. We’re also told that this deal is far from the last we’ll see in the near future, though there’s no word on whether Netflix is next.