Integra DTR-30.1 Receiver Offers Dolby ProLogic IIz


Integra is continuing to evolve with two new models, with all the bells and whistles and not at a terrible price, as both of these come in under $1000 each. Of course, in addition to the new fancy ProLogic IIz, they will support the wonderful HDMI HD streams as well. CEpro The DTR-30.1 (7.2 channel) is Integra’s first receiver to […]

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Boxee Review from HomeTheaterBlog

In case you’ve been living in a cave, here’s another look at the widely raved Boxee HTPC application which we’ve covered a number of times. I know it’s surprising…but he likes it too 🙂 Not all perfect, but definitely a recommendation! Home Theater Blog Of course Boxee is still in alpha/beta stage and it isn’t perfect. There are the occasional […]

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Intel plans third party HD for Atom

Thanks to Mr. Chris Morley for tweeting this link…not very surprising if you’re Intel considering how popular the Ion+Atom combination is becoming, and for perfect sense. If you are looking for HTPC usage and don’t need the CPU horsepower for encoding and the like, then a nice low power CPU is really all that’s needed if the graphics chip can […]

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Watch Netflix, Hulu, ESPN and more via WHS

A nice option for many of you with Home Servers (or thinking about it) but might not want a dedicated full HTPC running as well. Not quite sure on how easy or reliable this is in the future, but for now it’s a great option. And if you order it by tonight, you can get PlayOn for 50% off through […]

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