Boxee Review from HomeTheaterBlog

In case you’ve been living in a cave, here’s another look at the widely raved Boxee HTPC application which we’ve covered a number of times. I know it’s surprising…but he likes it too 🙂 Not all perfect, but definitely a recommendation!

Home Theater Blog

Of course Boxee is still in alpha/beta stage and it isn’t perfect. There are the occasional hang-ups and freezes but it does seem like they’re getting less frequent as the updates roll out. I suppose my only other minor complaint is well, harder to pin down. I suppose for me at least some of the menu navigations are a little less than intuitive. It’s not a huge deal and if pressed to describe what I’m trying to get the hang of, I’m not even sure I could. Maybe I’m just suffering from GUI overload. On any given day I work on two different operating systems and as many as 5 different applications between them.