Using the HP MediaSmart to Rip DVDs


Philip from found an interesting article on using your HP MediaSmart Server, which by nature does not come with any optical drive, as a DVD ripping engine. Not the most seamless operation in the world, but effective (and affordable). The cool thing about this setup is that I can now rip my DVDs without really thinking about […]

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Vizio Brings Facebook, Twitter, Vudu to Connected HDTVs


It’s nice to see low-cost manufacturer Vizio really pushing the technology expectations of television sets these days. I’m sold on these feaures needing to be a part of the TV, but I’ll hold my judgement until I see them in action. Nonetheless, I am a fan of the qwerty keyboard remote control…at least it’s unique for a television remote.   […]

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New Sonos CR200 Controller


I’m a big fan of Sonos and have many friends that are in love with theirs. I was always a bit skeptical about their rather large remote though, so I’m pleased to see this new guy come in much sleeker. Hopefully it stays in an appropriate price range for us little people. Automated Home We’re also told that Sonos will […]

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CNPS10X Extreme: Zalman’s Extreme Makeover


Slow news day, but I was shocked when I saw this so had to post it. For years now, Zalman has been one of THE premier HTPC heatsink manufacturers, known for their quiet & unique flower-like designs. Looks like they are finally joining the masses with a tower design…good to know they still work. SilentPCreview Admittedly, the CNPS10X is relatively […]

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The Media Center Show #213 – Ed Bott

It’s that time again for Ian’s Media Center Show Podcast. This time up, he has one of my favorite Windows bloggers, Ed Bott, to discuss all things Windows7. Lots of good information out there, so check out the show! Show Times: 00:23 Coming up this week 00:57 Email: How many tuners in Windows 7? 02:40 Email: STB integration 05:31 Freeview […]

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This is my last official post at the helm of MissingRemote. As it turned out my remote was in the couch cushion all this time. Seriously, I looked there at least twice. While the batteries charge, I figured I would take the chance to annoy the masses one last time. Well lets address the obvious question of why I am […]

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Man Wall costs $15K — worth every penny


For as long as I can remember, I wanted a setup like this. Of course, I doubt I’ll have the $15k anytime soon, but the general idea should be able to be had for much less. Gotta love that sports ticker at the top…   CrunchGear It’s not like you’re getting ripped off, either. You get four TVs, a 1200-watt […]

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