Mitsubishi drops the price on LaserVue HDTVs


While its good to see them dropping the price on this gorgeous TV, it’s still going to cost you as much as a car…so start saving those pennies! Doesn’t hurt to dream, does it?   CrunchGear Amazon has dropped the price on the 65-inch by 500 bones bringing the total price to $6,455. This is one of the first price […]

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Marmitek X10 Easy Icon 10RF Remote


If you have X-10 devices in your home, you’re going to LOVE this remote! I’m not a huge fan of the style, as there seems to be an obscene amount of buttons and it’s too narrow for me, but it seems to have a lot of features and at a reasonable cost.   Automated Home Personalise the remote control for […]

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Moneual MonCaso 301 Desktop HTPC Case

moneaul03-profile.jpg continues their HTPC collection of reviews, this time up is a chassis from Moneual. Technically they sent them a whole system to review, but apparantly the chassis is sold separately as well, and that appears to be a very good thing. The chassis appears to be solid, but the system configured by Moneual is not so great. SilentPCreview With […]

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TV Premieres: What To Watch 07/05 – 07/11

I’m sure plenty of you are excited about Eureka, which I’m happy to see continuing in their success. Other than that, I’m sad Reno 911 is on its season finale, my DVR is already pretty empty…maybe something like this will be good. Well, unless your interested in something like "10 Things I Hate About You." Always a good idea to […]

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Video Library 2.0 alpha


I know all the rage recently has been around Media Browser, but Video Library is still making improvements and is completely free. It handles some things differently, and still looks pretty sweet.   TheDigitalLifestyle The plugin does not scan for folders at all. It simply queries the database. This database is populated by a hidden console app that is launched […]

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Scythe Katana 3: Same slant, new version


Wow, 2 Scythe heatsinks reviewed in 1 week?!? Lucky us! I’m glad they have evolved away from the huge towers, and as long as they continue to efficiently and quietly cool, I’m all for anything that takes up less space in my HTPC. Still, this guy–unlike the last one–probably won’t fit in any small HTPC cases. SilentPCreview The Scythe Katana […]

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How to tell an Xbox 360 is a Jasper


The multiple versions of Xbox 360’s might frustrate some consumers who wish they had waited, but I give Microsoft kudos for continuing to improve and evolve the Xbox–for the same price as older versions. The Jasper is the latest in the line of Xbox360 chips which continues to bring the power hungry console down in wattage as well as noise […]

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SageTV 6.5.19 RC Beta Released

Looks like the folks at SageTV are inching real close to a new official release build. Tons of fixes and improvements as always. Here’s a short list of the many changes included: 1. Added property ‘xcode_fix_broken_hdpvr_streams’ which can be set to true to fix issues with transcoding/placeshifting of files from certain versions of the HDPVR firmware which have timestamp issues; […]

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