Reports: Windows 7 Release to Manufacturing Set for July 13

Ok, so I know it’s been a long time since Vista came out, but I’m still impressed by how fast Microsoft has gone from alpha, to beta, and now we’re basically at RTM (release to manufacturing) for their new Windows7 operating system. Anyone else curious how intense the commercials will be against Apple? 😛


The main purpose of the RTM build will be to give hardware manufacturers more time to tweak their drivers with a working "final" version of Windows 7. The release of the build will coincide with the kickoff of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WWPC) set to kick off in New Orleans. Reportedly TechNet, MSDN, and a few other partner connections will all get the RTM build on July 13. Also, it can be expected that the build will quickly leak onto torrents — all of Microsoft’s previous "private" releases leaked in short time.