This is my last official post at the helm of MissingRemote. As it turned out my remote was in the couch cushion all this time. Seriously, I looked there at least twice. While the batteries charge, I figured I would take the chance to annoy the masses one last time.

Well lets address the obvious question of why I am leaving. Ok I am not really leaving, I am sticking around for support and posting the occasional article. I am really looking forward to actually working on my HTPC setup rather than having to spend time reviewing products and writing blogs. 

What are your plans with your HTPC setup?

  • Full DVD\Blu-ray Library
  • Get VMCPlayit Working on both extender and HTPC
  • My sub woofer died :(. I really need to replace that
  • Actually take advantage of Netflix

So now that you have all of this free time what else are you going to do?

mm Camp, drink beer, maybe actually work out, yard work that sort of thing.

With that said, I want to truly thank the MissingRemote.com for being one of the best on the Internet. BAR NONE! You guys and gals are a great crowd who are always willing to help out when someone needs a hand and do not let conversations degenerate into pissing wars. Seriously, y’all made it worth while!

Mr. Mike Garcen. Mr. Fricking HTPC will be taking over! Not a huge shocker but he is the RIGHT person for the job. He will bring an energy to MissingRemote that is much needed. Plus he isn’t afraid to here is own voice on a podcast. Podcasts frighten me, I think they eat your soul.

Thanks again!

P.S Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day