The Media Center Show #213 – Ed Bott

It’s that time again for Ian’s Media Center Show Podcast. This time up, he has one of my favorite Windows bloggers, Ed Bott, to discuss all things Windows7. Lots of good information out there, so check out the show!

Show Times:

00:23 Coming up this week
00:57 Email: How many tuners in Windows 7?
02:40 Email: STB integration
05:31 Freeview HD starting in the UK December 2nd
05:34 Streaming content from Windows Media Center with an G1 Android phone
06:52 Media Browser to go commercial?
07:37 Video Library 2.0 alpha
08:08 Mobile Media Center for Windows Mobile
09:03 Welcome back to Ed Bott
09:35 How Windows 7 has progressed
11:09 XP’s life cycle
13:53 Should XP SP2 been a new OS?
16:27 XP Mode
19:13 Windows 7 SKUs
23:56 Why get Windows 7 Professional
26:33 Why not get Ultimate 🙂
26:54 What is Anytime Upgrade
30:08 XP will not die!
33:01 Upgrades
35:55 Pricing – SEE ED’S POST
39:22 Download options
41:20 RTM
45:33 Crapware
51:54 Are Extenders dead?
54:52 Xbox 360 as an Extender
58:12 Zune and the Xbox 360
1:00:00 The Media Center team at Microsoft
1:04:00 Where next for Windows Media Center?
1:07:00 The DTV transition
1:10:00 See you next week


Listen to the show here .