ASUS My Cinema EHD3-100 (yes another one)


Think Computers had just reviewed this and ignored most popular HTPC softwares…so I was really hoping Pure Overclock did a better job of that. On the one hand, they do thoroughly cover the "TV Enhance" software which ASUS provides, but just like Think Computers they completely ignore Media Center, SageTV or any HTPC-software which you know will be used.

Pure Overclock

In terms of software and functionality, the EHD3 is straightforward and easy to understand for novice users, but powerful enough to satisfy more demanding visual scribes. The features are quite extensive and the interface is uncluttered and forgiving, although audiophiles will find it a bit simplistic. More importantly however, is the picture quality is very good and the framerates are smooth. You may notice a bit of lag in drive-intensive applications such as Adobe if you’re more workstation-oriented, but for the average user this shouldn’t be noticed.