Windows 7 first look: More than just “Vista, fixed”


Ed Bott is one of the most respected Windows bloggers out there and I’ve been a long time reader of his. If you are looking for more perspective on the recently RTM’d release version of Windows 7, he’s got you covered. No surprise…it’s a winner.

Ed Bott

In terms of multimedia, the biggest news in Windows 7 is that it now supports most popular audio and video formats. You can play back MP3 and WMA tracks as with previous Windows versions, but now you can also use built-in Windows code to play unprotected music ripped and saved in iTunes or purchased from the iTunes Music Store in AAC (M4A) formats. You can also play movies captured by digital cameras in QuickTime Movie format. Neither iTunes nor QuickTime is required for playback of either format. Windows 7 also supports playback and streaming of video files compressed with the popular H.264/AVC codec; however, it does not natively support the popular Matroska (MKV) container format (DivX is working on a solution that will add MKV support to Windows 7 via the Media Foundation framework.)