LG BD390 Blu-ray Player


I can’t possibly be the only one amused by all these low definition features coming from your blu-ray player, right? That being said you could argue you would be paying the same amount with or without the features so might as well throw them in. It will be interesting to see how the field evolves and where the focus migrates to…at least the interface looks really easy to use.


Electronic House

I viewed a range of Blu-ray material that included the nearly 30-year-old original Friday the 13th, The Sprit, Lost, and concerts by The Police, Rush and Chris Botti – video quality did not disappoint, even though I wasn’t viewing at full 1080p. I was surprised at how detailed and lush the daytime scenes of Friday the 13th appeared, really breathing life into that classic horror film. Lost looked extremely crisp and vivid, especially the sharpness and definition on the male characters’ unshaven, sweaty faces or the colors of the female characters eyes, and of course the brilliant-looking jungle and island vistas.