Blu-ray Not Overtaking DVD in PCs for long time

This is an interesting report that I didn’t think about until reading, and I partially agree. Outside of the HTPC crowd there really is little demand for consumers to obtain a blu-ray drive in their systems. I think it’s tougher when you factor in that a DVD-Rom drive costs less than $30 these days, and blu-ray is still at least around $100, and possibly the cost of the software. It will eventually happen…I think it will help as storage drives get larger and people aren’t intimidated by the 40gb space a ripped blu-ray movie will take on their systems.


“BDs won’t be replacing DVDs as the primary optical drive in PC systems through at least the year 2013,” said Michael Yang, senior analyst for storage and mobile memory at iSuppli. “They eventually will find success, but during the next five years, that success will be limited in the PC segment. According to Yang, the two main reasons hampering the adoption of Blu-ray drives in PCs include costs as well as the lack of a library of movies that justifies the need for consumers to move to a different drive in their PCs.