20 Terabyte Dual Tower WHS System Shown Off


Do you desire to have 20 terabytes of storage space in your Windows Home Server box? This user from Automated Home shows off how he did it, very unconventionally. It’s unclear why he didn’t just go with a massive rack server as a lot of the AVS folks would do, but he definitely gets creativity points in my book.


Automated Home

So what sort of space is it going to take – allowing a little room for expansion of course – and how do you run a server like that at home? How about 18 SATA drives, across a range of 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB sizes, all installed into two high densiity towers. This baby could heat your home! Noise is apparently not an issue as it has had quieter fans fitted as well as other noise-reducing work. The owner says he’s "too scared" to test the power usage with this setup, lets just say its not going to be cheap to run.