Sony’s OLED TVs Could Be MIA Until 2010


I hope none of our readers were really holding their breathe for these to come this year. OLED, while a fantastic technology is still a ways away from reaching mainstream affordability (or even realistically useful sizes), and word that Sony is pushing back its date should come as no surprise. You can have your .5" thick 15" television, I’d rather have the 60" plasma anyways.



Of course, when compared to the 11-inch display released back in 2007 for a staggering $2,500, it might be a great idea on Sony’s part. While the technology was relatively new, especially for displays like televisions two years ago, Sony isn’t necessarily known for keeping prices low on their products. That doesn’t mean any new OLED screens that Sony produces next year will be astronimically priced, but before we find out, at least the delay means that Sony can focus on competing in retail stores, and improving their LCD screens already on the market. That sounds like a win-win for all of us.