Beamforming at home – Wireless Blu-ray Bliss?


Matt found this handy link over from Tom’s Hardware, where the user is attempting to achieve reliable wireless streaming of high definition blu-ray content in their house. Unfortunately the equipment they found is pretty hard to come by, but the good news is that results were quite positive.

Tom’s Hardware

Fortunately, the Thecus network storage unit includes a separate LAN port, used to attach additional devices. I plugged the MediaFlex 7811 directly into the N5200 Pro, moved the AP a couple of feet away from the D-Link router, and gave the experiment one last try. Amazingly, both Transformers and Wanted (both data streams, not video) played back smoothly (separately, of course). Over a wireless network. Sustaining close to 50 Mb/s of real-world throughput.