Casa Tools Multi-Zone Audio with Media Center


One of the longest ongoing threads over at TheGreenButton has been with the desire from users to have Multi-Zone audio through their media center. There has never been a supported way in Media Center to do this, but Casatunes has been out for a while and has offered a solution. From the looks of this review, it definitely takes some work setting up, but at the end of the day appears like a success.


The Digital Media Zone

All in all the Casa Tunes XLi system for $499 gets you the Casa Tunes software, the 6 zone XLi sound card, and all the cables you need to get it up and running. Just add an external amplifier (like this HTD 6 zone/12 channel amp) and speakers and you are ready to have a complete 6 zone whole home audio system. So for just over $1100 you can get 6 audio zones, 5 sources, and can control it from any Media Center pc, Media Cener Extender, Laptop, Netbook, UMPC, Nokia N800, or any other device with a web browser. Not bad considering you get 4 more zones than what you can get over the Sonos baseline system.