Xbox 360 Failure Rate Is Almost 55 Percent

If you are using an Xbox360 as your media center extender this has to give you some pause. I’m not sure I would fully believe the numbers are this high, but nobody will doubt that there have definitely been some problems which Microsoft has tried addressing with fast and simple return process. I should say I have owned 2 Xbox360’s and have never had this problem, so hopefully if you have adequate cooling around it you won’t have the issue. But something to be aware of nonetheless.

WindowsIT Pro

According to a study of over 5,000 video game players, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console experiences severe hardware failures almost 55 percent of the time, far more than competing consoles from Nintendo and Sony. Even more alarming, of the Xbox 360 consoles that are repaired by Microsoft and returned to their owners, over 41 percent experience another severe hardware failure requiring yet another repair.