The Media Center Show #218 – Microsoft’s Ben Reed

Another Thursday, another reliable podcast from fellow MVP Ian Dixon! This week up he’s got Ben Reed, Microsoft’s foremost evangelist…err…Sr. Product Manager to talk about Windows 7 and the new TV formats. Look forward to listening! And fyi, I just finished a roundtable discussion with Ian and some other fellows that should be aired next week I believe!

Show Times:

00:23 Coming up this week
01:30 Podcast: TDL Mobile Show #2
01:55 The Custom Integrator Show Installment 016
02:03 TunerFreeMCE to support MSN Video and work on Extenders
03:06 Windows Home Server Demo Video
03:32 Cat out of Bag: Netflix Officially Supported in Win 7 Media Center?
04:48 The Members Blog
05:05 Welcome to Ben Reed
07:00 New TV formats in Media Center
08:46 Mixing tuner types
14:59 Freeview HD in the UK
18:47 World TV formats
21:34 Internet TV
22:25 Planning for Windows 8
24:00 Thanks to Ben
24:13 Great show coming up next week!

Listen to the show here .