On demand in command; 51% of young ‘Net users view TV online


God bless em! Hopefully Comcast is paying attention and will gradually start to lower costs–besides access, I know so many people in their 20’s that refuse to pay for cable because most of what they want can be had for free or just isn’t important enough to pay $100/month. Internet is way more important to them, and now they have enough content to really start to migrate wholly.


Ars Technica

According to recent data from Ipsos MediaCT’s ongoing MOTION study, 51 percent of all Internet users between the ages of 18 and 24 have watched at least one streamed TV show in the previous 30 days. This number is up from only 18 percent in September 2008—nearly a tripling of use. With numbers like those, it’s clear that streaming video has officially moved beyond short YouTube clips and now works well even for content where people demand a decent-quality, full-screen picture for 20 minutes or more.