nMedia’s HTPC 2000B enclosure


nMedia has been trying to etch some space for themselves in the rather low volume home theater chassis field. Their chassis come at much lower cost than some of the competitors out there, but it still suffers from some of the same constraints which the desktop-style layout brings to the table. As can be expected, if you’re planning on using low power parts and embedded graphics, then this looks like it can do the job…just don’t expect to be overclocking with it.



Considering that home theater PCs often perform DVR duties, abundant storage capacity is a necessity. With four 3.5" hard drive bays equipped with rubber grommets, another internal bay that lacks vibration-dampening materials, and an external 3.5" bay that can accommodate hard drives, the 2000B offers plenty of capacity. My review sample arrived missing a couple of grommets, though, and it’s odd that they’re not used on all the internal drive bays. The external 5.25" optical drive bay doesn’t have them either.