AMD’s 785G Chipset Boards: 780G Evolved


I know a lot of you will (justifiably) automatically rule out the 785G boards dues to their unforgiveable omission of 7.1 LPCM over HDMI, but some of you might still be interested. For those select few, SilentPCReview has a detailed comparison of the ASUS and MSI offerings of their board offerings. The positve news is the boards do everything else pretty well, so as long as you don’t need 8-channel HDMI audio, you may want to give these some thought.



Both of these boards offer a slew of features including HDMI, DVI, S/PDIF, eSATA and FireWire, RAID 0/1/10, a 100% solid-state capacitor design, and a very capable onboard graphics chip. The M4A785TD-V and 785GM-E65 retail for about $30 less than their 790GX counterparts. The new chipset won’t blow anyone’s socks off, but it does give price-conscious users a reason to choose the newer AM3/DDR3 platform rather than settling on an AM2+/DDR2 solution simply because of the price. It is also a compelling alternative to an Intel based platform. The only Intel motherboard we can find that matches the features of these two boards is the Gigabyte GA-EG45M-UD2H which retails for $130. The bottom line on Intel vs. AMD for affordable HTPC: The MSI 785GM-E65 is $40 cheaper and has faster onboard graphics.