Netflix Watch Instantly on 4 CE Devices


It seems like almost every extender (and even some TV’s) nowadays are including support for Netflix’s Watch Now streaming feature, which lets you stream a large collection of movies and tv series with your included membership. Keep in mind that the quality of the stream is far from HD, so I would advise you make the purchase decision based on what you need first and then see if any of those devices have Netflix. It would be foolish to buy a $2000 TV you weren’t so excited about strictly for Netflix, when you can buy the Roku for $100…which is basically what CEPro decided as well.



If you need a DVR, the TivoHD will serve that purpose well and offer a solid Netflix experience. If you need a BD player, a BD player with Netflix will give you the best of both worlds. And if you can get your hands on the Samsung P2550, you’ll benefit greatly from the best Netflix image quality available thanks to the Reon HQV processing. If you’re looking for just Netflix integration (great gift for the parents!) the Roku Player is an unbeatable value proposition. If you already have an HTPC, the WMC plug-in is free and will give you a good first taste, but will probably leave you wanting more.