Plasma TV Sales Surge in Q2 as Consumers Look for Value

Plasma fans rejoice your rich blacks! I have to admit I’m happy to hear this news following Pioneer’s departure in the market, part of me was concerned others might follow them out. Not only are there still quality parts there but apparantly people looking to invest some coin in some large displays are still preferring plasmas and sales are doing well.

Quixel Research

Quixel Research’s newly launched USA Large Area Display Report revealed that in Q2 2009 the Plasma TV category was the only large screen TV category to show significant growth quarter-to-quarter. The well received quarterly report, which tracks and forecasts screen sizes 40” and above for the LCD, Plasma and Microdisplay Rear Projection categories, finds that in Q2 2009, Plasma TV sales were up 31% in volume and 35% in value when compared to Q1 2009 sales, almost topping the $1B mark once again. “Unit sales of 42” 720p Plasma TVs were up 40% quarter-to-quarter as consumers were looking for value in uncertain economic times,” stated Tamaryn Pratt, Quixel Research’s principal. “It also helped that all the models offered were from top brands so consumers felt comfortable making a competitively priced purchase backed up by a well know brand.” The surge in 42” 720p Plasma models lifted the segment’s unit share of the LAD category four percent quarter-to-quarter.