California Could Ban Big TVs in Next 2 Months

If I could afford or fit one in my apartment, this might bother me a lot more. But still, this is one of those ridiculous things since it doesn’t prevent anyone from buying a television out of state, just means that California loses on the sales tax, and it makes life that much more difficult for the consumer to be able to physically check out a television before buying. Just make sure to read reviews before buying I guess.


But according to Darren Reaman, director of public policy for CEDIA, the proposed law, which has the support of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, would effectively ban the sale (not the purchase) of 25 percent of LCDs and plasma big-screen TVs and 100 percent of plasmas over 60 inches in California. However, there’s nothing stopping consumers from buying non-compliant TVs out of state or on the Internet.