Kaleidescape Responds to Recent Court Rulings, Will Continue Undeterred

This has been a rough week for Real Networks and Kaleidescape which had each of their respective court rulings surrounding their DVD copying technologies go against them. Kaleidescape has responded officially to the court’s decision, and no surprise here–they’re not giving up and will continue the appeals process. In the meantime you will still be able to purchases systems from them….assuming you have $50,000, of course.


The new proceedings by the trial court will likely take place in a year or two, unless the California Supreme Court agrees to review the Court of Appeal’s decision, in which case they may never take place at all. Kaleidescape will continue to fight, and we expect to prevail. However, it may take many years for this issue to be fully and finally resolved. In the meantime, Kaleidescape Systems remain 100% licensed and legal.